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Natalie Smith

Natalie Smith

Administration | Document Controller | BA(Hons) International Business and Management

Natalie joined Bryden Wood in February 2017 as Document Controller, having previously performed a similar role for a top tier main contractor predominantly working on data centres both in the UK and overseas. She is involved in a number of projects with specific focus on Strand East, AWE and Circle Birmingham, providing support to the Bryden Wood, client and contractor teams.

As Document Controller, Natalie is responsible for the numbering and revisions of documents, and the dispersal and retrieval of information from various document management systems. She possesses exceptional attention to detail and document management process control. Her role ensures that all Bryden Wood documents undertake a thorough quality control check to ensure the information is correct and can be used efficiently by our clients. Natalie aims to ensure that the communication of written information between Bryden Wood and other companies is seamless. 

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