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Zhifang Xie

Zhifang Xie

Modelling and Analytics | Analyst

Zhifang joined Bryden Wood Singapore in July 2016 as a mathematical modeller and data analyst. She graduated from National University of Singapore (NUS) with a master degree in Industrial & Systems Engineering in February 2016. With a solid engineering background, she has obtained good knowledge and experience in various quantitative modelling techniques (including discrete-event modelling, inventory optimization and statistical forecasting etc.). In addition, her internship experience in a decision analysis consultancy firm allowed her to develop proficiency in a large number of data analytics tools (including Advanced Excel, VBA, R, MatLab etc.) and gained profound understanding in applying modelling techniques to solve complex real-life problems.

Zhifang is currently working on her first FE project Chittagong, with 2 components Project Tropical and Project Potent. The project objective is to identify the best phased investment strategy and plant layout to deliver key capacity and quality related projects at the Chittagong Site whilst maintaining supply. In this project, Zhifang has deeply involved herself in various stages of quantitative modelling, including data source determination, data collection, modelling strategy development, model design and validation, output analysis, assessment of data uncertainty, identification of the optimal solution and reporting.

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