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Unlock the full power of industry leading BIM

BIM has been intrinsic to our work even before it had a name. We were invited by the government to join the Core BIM Team in 2011 because of our pioneering use of automotive software to produce design detail across all disciplines. We helped to shape BIM as an approach for the construction industry, extending it beyond design to data, people, processes and the use of buildings. Our involvement means that we thoroughly understand its potential benefits and how to best deliver them, and we deliver BIM level 2 on all projects as standard.

Coordinated data, not just new software

Many think that BIM is a technological approach driven by specific software. In reality, it allows different disciplines to collaborate in a new way of working that's very different to the old, sequential process. It's this new, collaborative, way that our integrated design teams have used for years, bringing together information from different disciplines and modelling it in 3D so that it is spatially coordinated.



Open standards software

Sharing information is intrinsic to BIM, and proprietary software can stop that happening. Clients may not be able to open models to experience them and offer feedback. That's why we support Open Data standards for BIM including the use of IFC, COBie and Uniclass. These are the formats we use ourselves. Everyone involved can read them, and the models are not bound to a format that may become obsolete.



Working with Government

BIM Task Group Core Team Member.

Led By Experts

Our team is led by an Architect and Expert in Computational Design and Open Source Software.

Designing the Future

We work with universities to fund research and design software.

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