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Digital Delivery

The future of BIM beyond Level 2

Integrating asset needs with business aims

The benefits of BIM go far beyond the design and construction phases. It can define the design of an asset, and enable it to improve throughout its life. That means we use it both earlier and later in the work process. At design stage, BIM can evaluate and contextualise current working processes to determine need – developing a “digital brief”. Later, after completion, combining the construction and briefing models can create a valuable digital asset to optimise current operations and inform future planning.


Measuring assets by business parameters

Like business performance itself, BIM assets can be measured on a big data scale. This means you can plan and assess your assets within the strategic business context. We assemble all of your data – historical and current - into a single source, which all stakeholders can view from their own perspective and the business perspective. And depending on the level of details they need, they can view it at different scales.



Sophisticated interactive environments that learn from the future

Data is only as useful as it is useable. That's why we create sophisticated design models that can be used in a wide range of innovative ways including digital simulations, virtual reality, process and production analysis, whole life energy use, 4D usage and scenario planning. By experiencing the future of their asset or process, every stakeholder can pressure test what they need, and we can identify how it can be achieved.


Use the software you already have

Our digital solutions don’t require expensive proprietary software because we have the expertise to work with what you already have. For example, we can design processes to get your data sets working with your existing IT, and repurpose different kinds of existing software so that they work together.
We use open data standards, for which we can create custom add ons and stand-alone tools that work with our digital process and yours.



Security is designed in

Whist open data is easily accessible, we need to ensure it is secure. To do that we organise your confidential data into smaller elements within a distributed (not centralised) model, so that confidential segments are more easily withheld. The intrinsic security in the design allows you to manage your data securely.



Working with Government

BIM Task Group Core Team Member.

Led By Experts

Our team is led by an Architect and Expert in Computational Design and Open Source Software.

Designing the Future

We work with universities to fund research and design software.

100 Gray's Inn Road, London, WC1X 8AL