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Operations Consulting

Design thinking that aligns business and asset strategies to optimise the future.

Where does competitive advantage lie for you? Is it in speed to market, or the
ability to expand asset capacity? Maybe it's about using assets more efficiently,
or making them flexible and responsive to future change?

A future with less risk

Imagine that we could ‘beta test’ a physical asset. The optimal solution would emerge by seeing it in action and learning from its flaws. Essentially, this is how we work - using your knowledge and data we can create sophisticated digital simulations at the strategic stage. Then, by realistically judging how well assets will function, and feeding back improvements into the brief, we can move forward with less risk and greater efficiency.



A future with more flexibility

Whilst the future of an asset can be accurately simulated, the macro environment may produce variables. These could be about market need, or the impact of geopolitical events and socio economic trends. To plan for these, we test more comprehensive scenarios within the digital simulation, so you can formulate a strategy built on more accurate predictions. The result is time and cost saved while minimising disruption to future operations.



A consultancy with overalls

Our brand of project and operational planning is grounded in reality. Because however sophisticated the analytics and strategic thinking, it is the implementation that will generate business benefit. With our comprehensive knowledge of physical assets, data and delivery we can take you from mental constructs to physical construction. And by basing decisions on the facts, not on opinion, advice or projections, you can confidently plan for the scenarios that best deliver against strategic goals.



Aligning decision makers

We bring data from different sources together into one model, place and language, so that everyone involved can see everything that matters. That way key individuals can understand the whole of an issue, align conflicting requirements and make decisions based on facts.



Better Corporate Memory (no new software required!).

Data is only as useful as your ability to access, understand and visualize it. This Corporate Memory must function effectively to support business aims. To make that happen, we can help you pull dispersed data and learning together. The process brings these data to life in a dynamic, accessible and constantly updated format - and there's no need for new software.




Seeing solutions or processes visually surfaces new insights.


When the data are accessible and easy to work with you can explore different possibilities.


A bespoke model translates the desired future into the reality of your asset. It shows what is happening now, what could happen in the future and how it could be better.

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