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New ways to deliver the benefits of DfMA at scale

The UK is at a point where a lot needs to be built in a short time. New housing is needed in unprecedented volumes, and mega projects are of increasing importance - accounting for 77% of overall annual project value*. The problem is that mega projects are known to overrun on cost and programme. At the same time they're considered to be too unique to benefit from DfMA. So how can this gap between supply and demand be closed?

* Source McKinsey analysis

Unique structures with standardised construction

Our system uses a small number of components that allow a huge amount of flexibility. They can be configured in an infinite number of ways, providing a vast range of solutions for site specific problems. Essentially, they offer mass agility, and the ability to work at scale.



Systemisation that works with the supply chain

We can develop workable, real world solutions that use existing components, capabilities and capacity. What's new is the way we've brought them together into kits of components or new construction systems. All the skills, techniques and components are already available, so there's harmony with the existing supply chain. As a result, it can be easily implemented by major contractors, project managers and manufacturers.



Concentrating complexity leaves scope for simplicity

Complexity throughout a structure can impose custom solutions that prevent systemisation – but we've found a way of dealing with it. Our approach is to concentrate all the complexity into single design elements. Each is unique, but can be made using the same set of components with the same cost, time and process. This could be CNC machining, laser or water jet cutting and additive manufacturing. The rest of the structure can then be standardised, with all the benefits that brings.



How do we do it?

Systems, manufacturing and delivery are central to the way we think.

With our heritage in Offsite, systemisation and standardisation have always guided the way we work. It fires our conviction that efficient, problem-free delivery should be designed in.



Smart Data

Right from the planning stage, our smart data capabilities, allow us to systematically assess every option – every component, connection and operation.

Inventively practical

We look to create lean designs by using existing tools in new ways. This allows us to produce innovative architecture and engineering with precise, implementable solutions.

Anchored in delivery

We draw on extensive relationships with supply chain and delivery organisations to ensure that delivery dovetails with existing processes.

100 Gray's Inn Road, London, WC1X 8AL