We’re looking for people to join our industry-leading Creative Technologies team. We’re growing, and we’re looking to increase both our capacity and our capability.

The role of Front End Developer (Data Visualisation) is a great opportunity to join us.

Bryden Wood are leaders in Design for Manufacture and Assembly (DfMA) and the Creative Technologies team are specialists in design automation.

We aren’t software developers, but we do make software ;)

We’re building web-based technologies for configuration and design automation that are changing the way transport, homes, education, and industrial projects are delivered. Our approach is about making the process of designing buildings not just faster, but smarter.

What we do

We provide bespoke design automation technology, customised from our modern tech stack, to major clients in the public and private sector, both in the UK and internationally.

We’re building web-based technologies for configuration and design automation that are changing the way transport, homes, education, and industrial projects are delivered. Our approach is about making the process of designing buildings and infrastructure not just faster, but smarter.

Design is at the heart of our front-end development work – the features and functionality are often complex and we want to make apps that are accessible and easy to use (and, if possible, fun as well).

We aren’t all software developers, but we do make software ;)

The role

You will work as part of our front + back end development group. You will be responsible to an associate and one junior director in the team and you will work with other junior and senior developers across multiple, parallel projects.

Projects in Creative Technologies typically involve teams of six to ten people and we stitch together a range of computational design strands such as algorithmic routines and 3D model processing. Front + back development work provides distinct functionality and features that both enable and enhance our overall design automation goals.

As well as working closely with your core colleagues, you will be expected to engage with – and be empathetic to – the other complimentary aspects of our projects.

We want creative approaches to the design, development and implementation of novel solutions to the challenge of making complex data sets accessible and attractive for a diverse audience of users.

Technical skills are important, but we also value your approach, attitude, outlook and desire to help shape our vision. We aren’t necessarily looking for the ‘finished article’ – we will support you to become an integral part of our team so that we can achieve success together.

About you

We’re looking for someone who is;

  • Passionate about data visualisation, to find creative and valuable ways to interact with data to aid design understanding and decision making.
  • Experienced in using data visualisations as integrated UI/ UX elements within a broader set of app functionalities built using a modern web tech stack.
  • Motivated to explore visualisation approaches to communicate complex datasets in an inclusive way, with the goal of being understandable for the broadest possible audience.
  • Excited by the design of interactions with datasets at different scales of the built environment (global, city, building, space, component) to ensure that the user experience is informative, intuitive, memorable, and fun.
  • Committed to the aesthetic of any visualisation as much as the story that the data tells.


  • As a minimum, we’re looking for someone with experience in building interactive web apps or experiences with:
    • General use of JavaScript + HTML5 + CSS + SVG
    • One (or more) specific UI frameworks such as React, Vue or Angular
    • d3.js
  • We typically develop immersive and interactive 3D and geospatial environments as part of our apps and knowledge or experience of any of the following will be an advantage:
    • Mapbox
    • Google Maps API/ Earth Engine
    • Three.js
  • We want to see relevant and demonstratable practical experience.
  • Academic qualifications and achievements in fields related to data science will be beneficial.
  • We are a collaborative team – all development work is carried out as part of a group. So we will look for experience of collaborative and agile working practices and collaborative coding platforms.

Interview process

We want the interview process to be thorough, but not overwhelming. The goal is for us to find the right person, but also for you to find a place in which you can thrive.

Shortlisted candidates will be invited to a potential two-stage process.

The first stage is a discussion with the Creative Technologies lead, Phil Langley along with other team Directors. The purpose of this is to introduce applicants further to the team’s approach and set-up, to talk in more detail about the role and to discuss your CV, portfolio/ examples of work and your level of experience.

The second will be a meeting with a representative group from across the team so that you can meet some potential colleagues. This session will be used to discuss more technical aspects of the role. While there won’t be a coding test, we may ask you to provide supporting material to demonstrate relevant knowledge and experience.


UK, Italy or Spain.

The Creative Technologies team is (notionally) based in London but we are currently working remotely and will continue to be a ‘remote -first’ team. Bryden Wood has EU locations in Barcelona and Milan and it is possible for team members to be employed via these offices. There is considerable flexibility – in the short and long term – for team members to work in the UK or with one of our EU offices.


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