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30 May


AJ100 Fastest Growing Practice of the Year shortlist revealed



Bryden Wood has been shortlisted for the AJ100’s Fastest Growing Practice of the Year. With a stronger than ever pipeline of clients and projects including the Ministry of Justice, Metropolitan Police Service, Equinix, The Heathrow Expansion Programme and Sugar House Island, Bryden Wood’s ability to deliver Modern Methods of Construction to the industry is fast gaining appeal.

Expanding expertise in the leading-edge use of technology driven by the formation of the Creative Technologies team, reflects an organisation committed to pushing the boundaries of digital delivery and more intelligent project realisation. They also hope that this will go some way to ensuring that the industry continues to attract the creative designers and thinkers that might otherwise be lost to the Technology sector.

The new office in Barcelona is growing quickly, with planned expansion over the next few years. A city chosen for its iconic design, it’s not only a great place to live and work, it also opens Bryden Wood up to the high calibre Europeans that are crucial to their approach, but can’t live in London.

With 2 new floors at the Gray’s Inn Road office, one whole floor has now been designated a client collaboration space, from which the company can invite their clients to work. Having wider teams in the same space creates the kind of knowledge sharing, speed of communication and collective buy-in that enables the rapid creation, testing and optimisation of more design ideas. This leads to higher quality design solutions that have a more holistic consideration of the whole life performance of assets.

Created by Architects, the value of design remains at the heart of the Bryden Wood business in an ever-changing industry.

Discover more about the shortlist here.


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