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31 Jan

Bryden Wood to grow team and double London head office size



Bryden Wood, an architecture and integrated design company, is set to recruit an additional 25 colleagues during early 2017. The roles will include architects, engineers and project managers. As part of this expansion, the business will more than double its current office space at 100 Gray’s Inn Road London, from 5,500 sq. ft. to 11,500 sq. ft., to house a total of 175 staff. The expansion will also facilitate a collaborative approach with clients, who often work from Bryden Wood’s offices. Large dedicated collaboration spaces have been established, within the London and Singapore offices for meetings, workshops and individual working, with high speed connectivity for efficient working with regional specialists. Bryden Wood first moved into their Gray’s Inn Road premises during 2013.

Jaimie Johnston Architect, Board Director and Head of Global Systems at Bryden Wood, commenting said: “We’re delighted to be welcoming new members to the team and it’s a very positive start for us in 2017. As well as making room for our new hires, this move will also help us to accommodate many of our clients who we work alongside. It’s a collaborative way of working that helps foster creativity, especially when different minds and skills come together. You can see the results in the quality of project outcomes. Collective effort is now so integral to our way of working, that we have developed a methodology called ‘Chip Thinking®, for collaboration and stakeholder engagement. We use it in sectors including aviation, healthcare, rail, water infrastructure, pharmaceuticals and other complex process facilities. We adapt and apply Chip Thinking to suit the specific needs of our clients. For GlaxoSmithKline, we’ve developed a version of Chip Thinking which is enabled and hosted by us in our London office (for projects in Europe and North America) and Singapore (for projects in the Asia Pacific region). We have two further FTSE 100 companies recently taking space within our London office, and with our increased office capacity we expect more in 2017.”


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