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28 Feb


Bryden Wood wins BIM Award 2018 – in the category: ‘Doing it: M&E Engineer’



Bryden Wood has successfully won a BIM Award 2018 in the ‘Doing it: M&E Engineer’ category– here is a link to the awards.

Nick Brown, Intermediate Electrical Engineer at Bryden Wood, commenting said: “We are delighted to have won the award and it’s great that the innovative work of the team has been recognised. We were up against some tough competition, which makes our award even more meaningful. There is a huge focus on Building Information Modelling (BIM) at Bryden Wood. It’s a collaborative way of working, powered by digital technology and has been intrinsic to Bryden Wood’s work, even before it had a name.“

Because of their pioneering use of automotive software to produce design detail across all disciplines, Bryden Wood was invited by the government to join the Core BIM Team in 2011. As a result, Bryden Wood helped shape BIM as an approach for the construction industry, extending it beyond design to data, people, processes and the use of buildings. BIM is increasingly accepted across the industry with a body of case studies demonstrating the significant efficiencies it can offer in design and delivery. For the government to reach their 2025 targets of 33% lower cost, 50% lower emissions, 50% faster delivery and a 50% improvement in exports, BIM needs to be used beyond individual projects. Which is why Bryden Wood has developed a unique approach to BIM – called ‘Digital Delivery’ – going beyond Level 2 and provides real-world benefits to clients.


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