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3 Oct


Elite Sher Joins Bryden Wood As Virtual Reality Development Lead



Elite Sher has joined Bryden Wood as Virtual Reality (VR) development lead. Prior to this she worked as an innovation programmer and designer for Microsoft. Elite is an experienced, multidisciplinary software developer, creative technologist and designer, who specialises in developing creative applications for emerging technologies. She has a background in architecture and an MSc in adaptive architecture and computation, University College London.

Phil Langley, Director of Digital Delivery, Bryden Wood, commenting said “We are delighted to attract more talent to our business and Elite’s appointment is a key step in extending our digital skills. Elite is responsible for the design and development of client centred VR applications, with an emphasis on creating interactive and immersive experiences. Our idea is for VR + AR to become part of our everyday work flow, focusing on creativity, data visualisation, collaborative work and productivity. We are doing some pioneering work in this area and this appointment has helped further build on our digital capabilities.”

Elite Sher, Head of VR + AR and immersive environments, Bryden Wood was speaking recently at New Scotland Yard during Bryden Wood’s VR demonstration (as part of Open House London 2017). She said: “It’s great to join a business that really engages with technology and has such an integrated and refreshing approach to design. This role will allow me to bring my experience in VR development and combine it with new and radical approaches to spatial practice. It is a very exciting opportunity to use cutting edge technologies to create interactions between building designers and building users.” 


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