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29 Sep


London Assembly Report On Housing Crisis Builds Upon Bryden Wood’s Book - ‘Delivery Platforms for Government Assets: Creating a marketplace for Manufactured Spaces'



The London Assembly recently published its report 'Designed, sealed, delivered: The contribution of offsite manufactured (OSM) homes to solving London’s housing crisis', calling on the Mayor of London to tackle the urgent need for new homes in the capital by adopting a more manufacturing-led approach. The Planning Committee’s role is to scrutinise the detail of the London Plan, the Mayor’s use of his planning powers and the strategic planning challenges facing London:-

  • 50,000 new homes per year are needed to meet growing needs and traditional housebuilders and developers continue to deliver between 50 and 60 per cent of what the Mayor wants for London.
  • In the short to medium term, London’s construction industry is facing the need to deliver increased supply in the face of future labour shortages as the construction sector ages, and costs rise of materials.

There are now encouraging signs that a more positive future for housebuilding in London is emerging in the form of the potential of OSM housing. The Government has recently started to stimulate the growth of this sector through a variety of policy and funding programmes. The Mayor is signalling his support for the OSM sector through his Affordable Homes Programme and Innovation Fund is designed to encourage innovative ways of delivering affordable housing in London. Many favourable conditions are aligning to prove the case that OSM can bridge the gap between what the traditional house-building industry can deliver and what London needs.

One of the recommendations is for a Manufactured Housing Design Code building on emerging government construction strategy thinking in the UK. This would drive a more standardised and aggregated demand profile, which can be delivered by a range of technologies and systems and which is fully recognised by the funding and valuation sectors. This recommendation references, and builds upon, the publication ‘Delivery Platforms for Government Assets: Creating a marketplace for Manufactured Spaces' which was produced by Bryden Wood and can be downloaded here.


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