Claudio is a member of Bryden Wood’s Creative Technologies team as a computational engineer and developer, with a special focus on data analytics and numerical optimization methods for design related to geo-spatial data and civil engineering.

Since joining Bryden Wood, he has been involved in the ‘Smart Motorways’ project for the Highways Agency.

His technical expertise comes into play at a multiscale level, from collection, manipulation and visualisation of alternate data sources, leading to software and tool development to exploit data to extract useful layers of information. Therefore, research and delivery are mixed to produce evidence-based decision making and design tools in tandem with clients and stakeholders.

Moreover, Claudio is a course tutor at the AA Landscape Urbanism graduate programme, where his research explores the potential of data analytics for the civil, territorial and spatial practice. He is a qualified Architect with MEng in Architectural Engineering and holds a MSc in Emergent Technologies and Design from the AA School of Architecture.