Before joining Bryden Wood in early 2017, Inés worked at a small London-based studio focusing primarily on residential with a strong attention to detail.

Since, she has worked on a number of projects including complex multi-use developments and multiple based around modularisation and prefabrication.

Ines studied architecture at the University of Buenos Aires (UBA), Argentina and ENSA París Malaquais where she researched, and experimented with, generative architectural techniques. She believes this to be, not only a useful tool, but a fundamental step in the development of architecture as a whole due to its efficiency in organising possible decisions, its propensity for fast modifications and its restructuring of architectural problems as a system of variables and hierarchies that can easily be visualised.

Alongside this digital work, Inés also has a keen complementary interest in design for manufacturing and assembly (DFMA) and materiality, working frequently to build pavilions or installations.

Outside of office hours Inés sings, practices yoga, swimming and enjoys travelling to improve her linguistic skills.