Razvan joined Bryden Wood in 2013 graduating from Brunel University with a Masters in Building Services Engineering.

He has been involved in a variety of sectors with Bryden Wood. Working for The London Clinic, the largest private hospital in the UK, Razvan coordinated and directed the Medical Gas Contractors to install a new resilient infrastructure for medical gases. Simultaneously he surveyed and identified legacy and redundant plant and routes to allow for future expansion. This culminated in a detailed report that was used to give the client a better understanding of their existing utilities and plant life cycle.

Following this experience, Razvan became involved in numerous projects for GlaxoSmithKline for which he has used modern BIM tools for feasibility and concept design. This includes initial load assessments and energy calculations which were used to consolidate the client’s business decisions.

By using the latest industry software, Razvan analysed two schools on the Redbridge Schools batch for optimal daylighting compliance with the new EFA Daylight Design Guide for schools. Razvan worked closely with the Energy Department to ensure full compliance with overheating and with daylighting.

Razvan has lead the mechanical stage 4b design and BIM coordination/modelling on two leisure centres for Barnet Council. Razvan was responsible for finalising the project successfully and that the engineering and modelling team worked and delivered the project in an integrated manner.

Razvan has led the mechanical team to deliver a standardised data centre design, capable of being deployed at any major location within EMEA. The mechanical design allows for maximum flexibility in terms of IT deployment in cost-effective incremental expansions and caters to a multitude of hyperscale clients.  

At Bryden Wood Razvan underwent an LRQA auditor course for ISO: 9001 (QMS) and ISO: 14001 (EMS) and has been directly involved with ISO internal and external audits. Since this training, he has been constantly developing and improving the Bryden Wood M&E engineering quality management system.