This project is for a dedicated training facility for MPS which replaces their existing building which is due to be demolished as part of the Colindale Gardens redevelopment project in Hendon, North London.  

The new facility will allow MPS to maintain its aim to enhance road and officer safety and enable the MPS to operate in London's difficult and demanding traffic conditions. Safety without compromise is their key message. This international centre of excellence will train officers from all over the world.

In addition to the external training requirements needed for the academy, the building requirements include a combination of training areas, classrooms, a simulation space, DSA testing room, administration suite and briefing room/break out spaces.

When entering through the lobby into a circulation corridor the briefing room and breakout space are to the immediate left. Directly in front of the main entrance, an access corridor separates the two 24 person classrooms from the vehicle inspection area. This allows the classrooms to overlook the inspection area with a circulation space also providing a thermal buffer between the two.

Access between the spaces is easily achieved via doors at each end of the circulation corridor. From the inspection area the rest of the carport opens up through bifold doors. Direct access to the staff office area and the wc/locker areas are provided allowing trainees and staff access to showers etc without the need of going through the internal teaching/administration areas.

The proposed site plan locates the 3 main features: wobble road, C1/D1 training area and carparking. All external areas have been linked to ensure a more efficient vehicle flow. The vehicle entrance is located close to the west boundary of the site, where the security control and the visitor parking will be located. 

The car park extends to link with the C1/D1 training area. Both spaces overlap and became the perfect transition between the car park, the car port and the driving academy. Furthermore this area is linked with the wobble road which it is extended along the full length of the east boundary of the site. The external area covers aspects of training including the wobble road for the motorcycling, HoSTYDS/ StopStick training and Motorway/ fast road safety training. This is the requirement for the licensed testing area for DSA accreditation.