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Andrei Alexandru

Andrei Alexandru

Mechanical and Electrical | Principal Engineer | BEng - Building Services. MEng - Energy Efficiency in Building Services. CEng MCIBSE. BEC - Foreign Affairs. MEC - Foreign Affairs

Andrei Alexandru began working with Bryden Wood in May 2013, combining his passion for engineering with a keen sense of how to implement new technologies and drive efficiency further in every possible process.

Andrei has undertaken undergraduate studies in Building Services Engineering and a Master Program in the Energy Efficiency of Building Services. Both of which, have helped Andrei to acquire valuable knowledge for his professional career.

In addition to his engineering studies, Andrei developed competence in economics by studying International Affairs, followed by a master program in International Affairs Management, enabling him to understand more accurately the international business environment and global economy.

This twinning of skills was demonstrative in Andrei’s involvement in a mixed-use residential development, for which the need for rapid development of design for large scale residential projects was mandatory. Andrei responded to this by creating a parametric system to standardise the design development, based on the client’s requirements, resulting in a rapid deployable solution that offered rigorous results, flexibility and fast optioning.

Also, as part of the Front End Factory team for GSK, Andrei pushed the parametric MEP design of pharmaceutical facilities further, by implementing a rapid optioning solution that fed into the client’s business requirements, outlining cost, scope and time constraints. In addition to this Andrei integrated the DfMA methodology to develop integrated MEP services, manufactured as products, delivered in standard containers and rapidly assembled on site thus ensuring efficient and rapid deployment of the project.

Currently Andrei is focused on design manufacture for large residential projects, exploring modular and combined building solutions.

100 Gray's Inn Road, London, WC1X 8AL