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Claudio Campanile

Claudio Campanile

Creative Technologies | Computational Designer | ARB Architect. MSc - Emergent Technologies and Design. MEng - Architectural Engineering

Claudio is a qualified Architect with MSc in Emergent Technologies and Design from the AA School of Architecture, and holds a MEng in Architectural Engineering. Since joining Bryden Wood, he has been involved in the ‘Smart Motorways’ project for the Highways Agency using his technical expertise applying his analytical skills at a multiscale computational modelling approach. His main interest relies on developing computational tools and integrated pipelines to synthesise complexity within design problems. Prior to his graduation, he has worked in Italy, China and UK specialising in education and hospitality.

Claudio finds it enjoyable to work on unusual and challenging projects. His role includes collection, manipulation and visualisation of a range of data types and formats and unlocking their potential through data simulation in order to see how they affect each other. This delivers layers of information that give clear correlations which are then used to offer multiple solutions. This includes specialised tools like optimisation methods developed through Python, C# and softwares’ APIs as well as visual scripting.

In addition to his work in practice, he has worked in the field of computational design, namely in integrated design to embed and exploit physical data within digital models. Claudio worked particularly within the domain of complex geometries and digital manufacturing to deliver innovative design technology models for the built environment. He is a tutor at AA Landscape Urbanism and Summer DLAB programme, where his research explores the potential for data interoperability for architectural design.

100 Gray's Inn Road, London, WC1X 8AL