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David Kershaw

David Kershaw

Structural and Civil | Senior Engineer | MEng

David relishes the opportunity to solve a good problem. His personal goal is to create structures concomitant to their clients' needs; whether those needs are about how it's built or how it's used, or just simply the space it creates.

David joined BWL in 2016 from a background of much larger consulting firms, where he learned to take on the difficult issues positively and focus on solutions. Most of his experience is at the sharp end of construction, and this is where David has learned not only to cope with the demanding pressure and pace of site, but stayed as an objective critic of his designs coming to fruition; and so learned from these experiences. He has been project lead for the structural and civil design information on a diverse range of projects; including a mix of office towers, schools, retail developments, railway stations, hospitals and university laboratories. His projects have often had unusual requirements, such as requiring submissions conforming to international codes, needing large prefabrication assemblies, having fast paced construction regimes or specific aesthetic requirements. More recently, he's been focusing his time on concept feasibility issues looking across a broad range of early planning considerations to provide recommendations to high level client decisions.

The key attributes that he thinks makes him a good designer are simple: his willingness to listen, his ability to engage stakeholders, and his logically driven approach to untangling issues to build consensus around strong underpinning principles.

100 Gray's Inn Road, London, WC1X 8AL