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Eleftherios Sergios

Eleftherios Sergios

Architecture | Big Data Analyst & Computational Designer | MSc - Smart Cities & Urban Analytics, MArch - Urban Design, DipArchEng, ARB

Eleftherios joined Bryden Wood in August 2017. Since joining he has been involved in the ‘Smart Motorways’ project for the Highways Agency using his technical expertise and applying his analytical skills at a multiscale computational modelling approach. To do that, he uses location-based data from various sources to perform geoanalytics whose results get visualized on interactive mapping systems in order to reveal geospatial information and operational patterns whose geographic relationships are then used to inform the decision making process.

Eleftherios is an urban analyst with extensive experience in the design and construction industry, offering consultancy and strategic planning services based on data analytics. He has a strong interest in innovation and technology and uses his technical expertise to discover and address infrastructure challenges. Much of his work revolves around data mining, collecting and wrangling, performing in-depth analysis with massive data sets to identify strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and trends which subsequently are communicated through data visualization techniques, using specialized tools like GIS, interactive web modelling, SQL, Python and quantitative methods around probability theory and statistics.

His comprehensive knowledge in large-scale regeneration, transport, public realm and mixed-use international projects, and unique set of technical and analytical skills, combined with his strong educational background in Architecture Engineering (UK/ARB, DipArchEng), Urban Design (MArch), Smart Cities and Urban Analytics (MSc) helps him work across all disciplines and enables him to provide tailored and high-quality business intelligence consultancy to a wide variety of project stakeholders.

100 Gray's Inn Road, London, WC1X 8AL