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Giorgia Davini

Giorgia Davini

Architecture | Project Architect | MArch. ARB. CSCS

Giorgia is an ITA and UK registered architect who joined Bryden Wood in November 2014, having previously worked for architectural firms in Rome. Her experience includes refurbishment projects, residential development, public buildings and urban spaces.

From the first day at Bryden Wood, Giorgia has been involved in the design and feasibility study for the extension of the “Great Western studio” and "Priory Cinema" in which she demonstrated her abilities in the refurbishment field. After which, she supported various initiatives with GlaxoSmithKline, such as the complex and important “GSK beta building” project for the Front End Factory as well as two new factories for GSK Indonesia and Singapore.

Over the last two years she has been leading the architectural team in the tender stage for the Sugar House Island Residential development in Stratford, one Bryden Wood's biggest challenge and longest ongoing project.

Having been involved since early tender stage, Giorgia contributed to the improvement in quality of the internal spaces, cladding solutions and then quickly developed a design and coordinating role on the project which involves dealing with other disciplines, clients and external consultants.

Throughout these projects, Giorgia has brought her passion for architecture, complex structure and architectural details, showing and improving her ability to find appropriate solutions in relation to the client’s requests and buildability requirements.

She trusts in the freehand drawing and sketch as the first important step in the architectural process, and believes in dialogue and modesty as a key point in a winning and strong team.

100 Gray's Inn Road, London, WC1X 8AL