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Helen Jones

Helen Jones

Modelling and Analytics | Analyst | MSc - Construction Cost Management. BSc - Mathematics with Modern Languages

Helen joined Bryden Wood in 2016 and works as an Analyst in the Modelling & Analytics team.

Helen read Mathematics at university before gaining a construction related Master’s degree where she undertook original research into housing policy in the UK. After finishing her studies Helen gained experience working in cost management for a construction consultancy.

Since joining Bryden Wood Helen has worked with clients in the pharmaceutical, manufacturing and logistics industries. As an analyst, Helen’s role is to apply mathematical concepts and reasoned thinking to address a given problem statement. Helen uses a range of software packages to produce outputs which match the need of each specific project. These vary on a project by project basis but may include capacity models, schedule analyses and dynamic process simulations.

Helen has a particular interest in analysing datasets and creating visualisations to communicate information and highlight trends within the data. She frequently creates interactive visualisations in Tableau to improve understanding within the project team.

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