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Kah Lee

Kah Lee

Creative Technologies | Associate | BA - Architecture. MArch

Kah joined Bryden Wood in 2014 after having completed his RIBA part 2. With previous experience using BIM during his part 1 year out and his academic focus on design parametrics and algorithmic modelling, Kah has been placed on the design team developing a cladding system for the Crossrail train network.

As part of the team, Kah has been working on the setting out of the cladding modules in Revit and has proceeded to develop a detailed system which utilises GFRC mould fabrication and a kit-of-parts steel structure to compliment the double curved geometrical conditions in Solidworks.

Through this workflow, Kah is involved in a non-traditional architectural design process which aims towards paperless design fabrication, DfMA principles, and close-knit design development with in-house structural engineers.

100 Gray's Inn Road, London, WC1X 8AL