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Maria Mamoura

Maria Mamoura

Creative Technologies | Associate/Computational Designer | MSc in Adaptive Architecture and Computation

Maria is an experienced and qualified Architect with MSc in Adaptive Architecture and Computation from the Bartlett School, UCL. Prior to her postgraduate studies she worked as an architect in Athens specializing in bespoke residential projects, from concept through to completion.

After completing her MSc Maria worked as an architect for large scale international aviation and mixed-use projects where she gained experience working with complex geometries. This allowed her to experiment with the algorithmic approach in Architecture by applying emergent techniques and technologies. She has always been working within multi-disciplinary teams liaising with engineers and consultants.

Maria joined Bryden Wood in 2017 as an Architect - Computational Designer due to her interest in embedding computational design and digital design workflows in the Engineering Industry. Currently she is working on the Systems Integrator, a project focused on developing a new method of ‘Rapid Engineering that enables a Smart Motorway project to be designed in a single day'.

100 Gray's Inn Road, London, WC1X 8AL