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Mark Bryden

Mark Bryden

Board Director | BA. DipArch. RIBA. ACIArb

Together with Martin Wood, Mark founded Bryden Wood Associates in February 1995. From 1984-95 Mark had worked with Nicholas Grimshaw’s on a collection of the UK’s most influential buildings, a number having become iconic examples of the ‘Hi-tech’ movement. The 90’s saw significant change in the design and construction industry with the widespread adoption of computer aided design and methods of construction that are now commonplace.

Since 1995 Bryden Wood have sought to maintain and enhance the aspects of the architecture profession that the partners perceived as under threat from commercial pressures, and the emasculation of the profession’s status from overall design led to an aesthetic and often ‘style’ based service. They sought to exemplify the intimate understanding of the construction process, material and detailing whilst enhancing the strategic qualities that were historically essential in the architect’s role as lead consultant. Mark adjusted his focus away from developing a ‘brand-defining’ portfolio of work - that may sometimes be at the expense of the client - to a primary concern in providing the optimum solution.

Bryden Wood’s resulting solution based strategy and fascination with a construction methodology detail-derived aesthetic has led to a faithful client base that has increased over time to include multiple ‘blue-chip’ clients across a range of sectors. Bryden Wood has evolved into a 175+ strong architecture and integrated design company whose activities span from analysis and business strategy through architecture and engineering. We have become the UK leaders in off-site design and systemisation and have lately had the opportunity to take our technology-focussed design principles to new market places including Europe, the Far East and Africa.

Mark takes an active role in all aspects of the office but is particularly passionate about the quality of the Architecture and the delivery of the ideas and philosophy. Ensuring that communication is clear and unambiguous, so the parties receiving it can generate the maximum benefit. Mark is also a member of the RIBA Construction leadership Group.

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100 Gray's Inn Road, London, WC1X 8AL