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Martina Cardi

Martina Cardi

Architecture | Associate | MArch. ARB

Following a Master’s Degree dissertation on healthcare architecture, Martina joined Bryden Wood and quickly established a key role in Bryden Wood’s healthcare team. Martina now leads the architectural team for the 19,000m2 Circle Birmingham Hospital and Rehabilitation project, having been involved in the design from conception, contributing to the improvement in quality of the internal spaces for patients, staff and visitors. Thanks to her knowledge in healthcare architecture, she has primarily focused on the refining the internal layout of the hospital, through the ongoing engagement of the stakeholders and user groups from existing Circle hospitals.

Martina is currently leading the team through the construction stage for Circle Birmingham, with a design, management and coordinating role on the project which involves dealing with clients, contractors and external consultants. She is also involved in the detail design of the hospital’s rehabilitation expansion of the project, overseeing the design process and the interference with the hospital scheme currently on site.

Martina is also involved in Healthcare projects for the MoJ (as part of the current Prisons Estate Transformation Project), and compliance checks for medical facilities in Europe and Asia.

100 Gray's Inn Road, London, WC1X 8AL