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Phillip Langley

Phillip Langley

Creative Technologies | Board Director | ARB

Phil leads the ‘Creative Technologies' team’ at Bryden Wood which brings together different strands of BIM and computational design including algorithmic design + simulation, connected tech, mixed reality environments, big data analytics and robotics + digital manufacture. This group is focused on developing innovative new approaches to digital technology that can be used by the design and delivery teams as well as clients and end-users.

Phil joined Bryden Wood in 2009 as an associate architect and digital specialist and has since directed the company’s approach to digital integration and BIM. He is an experienced project architect and has worked extensively in education, healthcare and residential sectors. Significant projects that Phil has contributed to at Bryden Wood include Circle Hospital Reading, GSK FEF and, notably, a large project for the Ministry of Defence for which Phil was the cross disciplinary design lead.

Phil is responsible for driving digital innovation in the practice and has overseen the company-wide transition to BIM across all disciplines and leads the development and implementation of the company’s ‘Digital Delivery Strategy’, which includes the coordination and integration of all digital work flows in the office. Phil is currently the project coordinator for Bryden Wood’s innovative digital research project ‘Participatory BIM’, in collaboration with The University of Sheffield.

In addition to his work in practice, Phil has worked extensively in the field of computational design, and is an expert in ‘generative design’ techniques such as genetic algorithms and artificial intelligence and has published and presented his work internationally. Phil is a PhD candidate at The University of Sheffield, where his research explores the potential for new digital methods for architectural design.

100 Gray's Inn Road, London, WC1X 8AL