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Rustum Enegbeta

Rustum Enegbeta

Administration | Project Coordinator | BA

Rustum joined Bryden Wood in September 2016 having previously worked within Digital Media, Legal, Construction and Real Estate. He was previously involved in coordinating and ensuring of smooth running of projects from initiation to completion which includes planning , programme scheduling, monitoring working progress and governance.

He's  been involved in different projects for GSK since joining Bryden Wood. Two of his major projects were projects in China & Bangladesh where he's provided support to Architects, Engineers Modellers in managing Project Programme, escalating deadlines on programme and ensuring activities are not behind schedule.

In addition, he's been involved in supporting Project Green, New Barnet Leisure Centre and Copthall Projects and has been involved in the coordination and planning process for a project for MOJ and has contributed to the Early Design Concept stage of the project by setting up and Managing the Project Programme for both Internal and external Contractors, monitoring work in progress, escalating deadlines for internal and external Contractors and ensuring task are completed within schedule.

He will continue to adhere to best practice from a Project Management perspective. 

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100 Gray's Inn Road, London, WC1X 8AL