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Sabine Schlechtriem

Sabine Schlechtriem

Architecture | Project Architect | Dipl-Ing - Architecture. ARB

Sabine joined Bryden Wood in 2011, having previously worked for architectural firms in Germany and the UK and after graduating from the technical University, Aachen, in Germany in 2008. During her time at Bryden Wood, Sabine has worked across a wide range of sectors, including education, residential, aerospace and healthcare & pharmaceuticals carrying out projects from inception to completion as a cross-disciplinary leader.

Sabine was project architect for a British Airways flight simulator project at Heathrow Airport, London. Located in an existing grade II listed flight hangar at the Heathrow east maintenance base, the scheme operates 16 flight simulators for pilot training purposes. Sabine was a key member of the Bryden Wood team that developed an innovative prefabricated solution that allowed for rapid installation on site.

Sabine’s extensive knowledge and experience of BIM software, alongside her expertise in the field of pre-fabricated design and manufacture has enabled her to make significant contributions to a range of multi-disciplinary projects, notably the extension and refurbishment of schools for Redbridge Council and the development of a standardised ‘chassis’ design for a residential and mixed-use development. Most recently Sabine has taken the role of cross-disciplinary project leader for a GSK manufacturing facility in Nigeria which utilised the latest in digital design thinking and technology.

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100 Gray's Inn Road, London, WC1X 8AL