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Vasileios Erinakis

Vasileios Erinakis

Creative Technologies | Associate | MSc - Accounting and Finance

Vasileios joined Bryden Wood in October 2015 and he is now working as a Lead Analyst within the Modelling & Analytics Team.

Despite his Finance & Accounting background; his analytical skills and structured way of thinking enabled him to be involved in a wide range of projects. During his time here, Vasileios has leveraged his knowledge in the Pharmaceutical, Healthcare and other sectors by modelling and analysing the clients’ operations and offering value-adding solutions. More precisely, he develops informed static and dynamic models, providing increased understanding of the relationships between input and output variables in a system. His target is to use information provided along with the appropriate tools in order to connect the business strategy of the client with the design and enable decision-making on this basis. He is now leading the M&A team in projects requiring financial and operational analysis, including discrete event modelling and scenarios analysis through simulations.

Vasileios’ past experience has included working in the Marketing and Shipping sectors, where he participated in a variety of Financial, Operational and Market Analyses, developing advanced knowledge of Excel along with his problem-solving and research skills.

100 Gray's Inn Road, London, WC1X 8AL