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Veronica D'Ambrosio

Veronica D'Ambrosio

Architecture | Architect | MArch

Veronica joined Bryden Wood in July 2016, having previously worked for a smaller practice. Prior to working in London she has also worked as an architect in Italy and in Spain. Whilst in Spain, she engaged in urban design research with a particular focus on Islamic cities design. Veronica has a growing portfolio of residential design works, having worked on small scale bespoke housing projects in Italy and in London. She is currently working on a large scale multidisciplinary government project. She works with enthusiasm and enjoys the synergistic environment of Bryden Wood.

Veronica is fascinated by interactions between people and the built environment they live and act in. She thinks that a deep understanding of the people’s needs/necessities is the key point for a successful design process. She looks forward to working in the development of public buildings and in process of urban regeneration.

In her spare time Veronica enjoys travelling and combines her passion for architecture with her interest in photography.

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100 Gray's Inn Road, London, WC1X 8AL