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Research + Development

We invest our own resources to make the impossible, possible.

Innovative thinking, practical approaches

Innovation runs right through Bryden Wood, but blue sky thinking alone isn't enough. That thinking has to result in real-world, grounded solutions that can be immediately put into action.

We fund and carry out our own research on projects to ensure that theory can be delivered in practice. And having our own manufacturing facility allows us to prototype and test new systems and components.



Accessing the best thinking in the industry

We work with public and private sector partners – including UK Government, Tier 1 Contractors and Software Developers  - to give us access to the people who can help us shape industry-wide solutions.

The research we carry out with academic institutions, such as the University of Sheffield, ensures that the available software can continue to support the developing needs of industry.



100 Gray's Inn Road, London, WC1X 8AL