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VR & Interactive Environments

Maximising your productivity with fully customised and interactive VR.

VR offers huge potential benefits for the industry, but to maximise efficiencies, we need to move beyond simply touring design models to optimising them. This means full interactivity with both data and models, not immersive VR alone.


Manufacturing (GSK)

Aviation (Heathrow expansion)

Healthcare (Circle Health)

Residential (Strand East)

Pharma (Labs)

Infrastructure/Transport (Highways & Crossrail)

VR that is a powerful part of the design and construction process, not just an output of it.

At Bryden Wood, VR is a dynamic learning tool that offers not just a powerful way to visualise both data and models, but sophisticated interactivity as well. This means that you see exactly how your data and decisions look in the real world, and immediately assess the impact of changes. Data and models can be optimised as often as you like, so that you can be confident of achieving your business objectives.



VR that enables more informed decisions based on easily leveraged data.

We bring original data, of different types and sources, into one interactive VR environment where our interface makes it meaningful and immediate. By linking it to the place, space or process it relates to, the data become instantly comparable. So the ‘non analysts’  on your team can experience, the impact data has on a space, or process, in something very close to real life. And with this level of usability, for even the most complex data, everyone will be able to use it to make more confident decisions.



VR your whole team can collaborate on.

In our VR, your entire team can be involved. Working together, from the mission control room we will create for you, each individual can experience and interact with the environment and immediately feedback to the wider team. That way, by working from shared experience you get collaborative decision making with stronger buy-in.



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