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VR for Big Data and Strategy

Use a wealth of data to inform your strategy and decisions

What we do

We use VR to bring all the sources of data that matter to you into one interface, bringing them to life and making them instantly comparable and usable. A mass of figures become easily-understood options and procedures that are simple and intuitive to work with. When you make a change, you'll see the impact straight away, for faster, simpler decision making.

We will provide a virtual link between your data and the space or process it relates to. And so you can see what it means in situ, you will be able to stand in an environment that represents your data. By bringing it to life in this way, we enable the whole team to understand and discuss the data, then make decisions that use it more effectively.


Our customised VR apps can visualise big data and let you interact with it. So you can use it more effectively and more precisely; exploring options, zooming in and out of different scales, searching and filtering according to specific parameters and assessing the impact of changes.


In our virtual environments you can rehearse decisions and trial outcomes without risk. You will see your scenario planning in action, enabling you and your team to move forwards with ultimate confidence.


100 Gray's Inn Road, London, WC1X 8AL